Growbed : Ultimate Urban Gardening

Noocity growbed an ultimate urban gardening system

Company Name : Noocity (Noocity wants to help you bring food production into your home. We develop efficient and affordable equipment that allows people to produce food in cities in a simple and environmentally friendly way.)
Product Name : Growbed
Description : Growbed is a revolutionary product developed and produced by Noocity which is the world’s unique self watering and self fertilizing urban gardening system.

Features :

  • Self Watering System.
  • Self Fertilizing System.
  • Grow more food in less space.
  • Almost saves 80% water against the usual watering.
  • It’s very easy to maintain the Growbed.
  • More healthier plants.
  • Can plant wide variety of vegetables, plants & fruits.


Growbed Self Watering System



Growbed Self Fertilization


Follow this link to explore the guide for growing food (from Noocity).


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