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Agreeta Farmer Network (AFN) is a first of its kind ubiquitous digital platform for the entire Agriculture Value Chain. This Farm to Fork Traceability platform encompasses key processes from Land Preparation and Sowing to Supply Chain and Selling, benefitting all the stakeholders right from the Farmer to the Consumer

↑ Yield & Income

AFN helps achieve the goals of Increased Yield and Increased Income to Farmers with Hyperlocal Marketing & Delivery Model

Food Processing Integration

Bühler machinery & integration capabilities of AFN help eliminate barriers to direct entry into the market enabling higher margins & Traceability right from Post-Harvest onwards

Food Quality & Safety

AFN achieves Food Safety, Security, Transparency, & Quality using technology & built-in Traceability across all the solutions

Actionable Intelligence

Using Big Data Analytics, AI, and ML, AFN provides Actionable Intelligence based on the data collected by the Communication Channel, AFN Solutions, and External Services

Farm Management

AFN allows farmers to Track progress from harvest to harvest with our Farm Management solution agFARM for Smart Farming


AFN offers the flexibility to use one or more solutions in any combinations as per the need

Mutually Beneficial Value Network

Agreeta Farmer Network is Agreeta’s ecosystem where all the stakeholders come together and create a mutually beneficial dynamic Value Network

Confluence of TECH in 1 Single Platform

AFN includes different technologies related to Agriculture, Food Processing, Information Services, Internet of Things which benefit all the business processes and their integration in the platform

Our Solutions

AFN includes solutions for Farm Management, Food Processing Integration, Marketplace, Traceability, and Business Intelligence

Farm Management
Enabling you to track progress from harvest to harvest for smart farming
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Food Processing Integration
Unique Buhler + Agreeta processing program, integrated with AFN
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For complete Farm to Fork Traceability for better transparency
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Actionable Intelligence
Get better insights with AI, Machine Learning, & Big Data Analytics
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AFN’s Marketplace for Agriculture Produce and Processed Products
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Why AFN is the future?

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