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Edyn Garden Sensor is a solar-powered smart garden monitor. It includes a soil sensor that can track light, humidity, temperature, nutrients, moisture and acidity to give personalized recommendations about what will grow best, what fertilizer to use, and when and how much to water. There’s also a water valve that hooks up to the hose connected to your sprinkler system, or drip system to automatically maintain the right moisture levels without overwatering. It could be incredibly useful for gardening in areas dealing with high pressures on local water supplies due to drought conditions, as well as arid regions that always have water issues and high evaporation rates.The probe uses sensors to measure your soil’s temperature and nutrition levels, as well as atmospheric conditions such as air temperature, humidity, and ambient light. It contains 802.11g Wi-Fi circuitry to wirelessly connect to your home network and is resistant to rain, direct sun, pesticides, and fertilizers. One sensor covers up to 250 square feet of garden space.Key Highlight of Edyn Garden Sensor :

  • Edyn Garden Sensor continuously monitors environmental conditions in your garden.
  • connects to your Wi-Fi network to send you valuable insights through the corresponding Edyn app.
  • Edyn Water Valve automatically gives your plants exactly the amount of water they need.
  • Edyn lets you know what’s happening beneath the surface by monitoring minute changes in soil nutrition and moisture — so you can anticipate and resolve problems before they happen.
  • Regularly pulls data from our Garden Sensor to give you a snapshot of current conditions in your garden.
  • Edyn analyzes our garden for identifying the plant species and crosses it with the Edyn’s database of over 5,000 plant varieties which will help us in creating the right growing conditions for the plants.

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